About me

I’m Dija, a 26 year-old Londoner living in Belgium, who is fond of travel, food, books, and other people’s dogs (especially on the tube).

I am a self proclaimed friendly introvert, who is proactively trying to be my best self, through lifestyle changes and an honest expression of my thoughts and feelings via my writing, which aims to heal the fractured parts of my past.

I was officially diagnosed with a tri-factor of mental illnesses when I was 20, which has made life a bit tricky at times, but over the years I’ve learned and experienced many moments that have helped me to understand and live with the carnival in my mind.

I’m in no way a medical professional, but instead I hope that by sharing my experiences, and moments, I can assist others in their journey of healing too.

Twitter: @DijaPandor
Instagram: @shoebox_moments